Laughing Text

hi. this time i will get this post in English. why? just continue your reading and you’ll know. but firstly, still i admit that i’m not good in English, so yaaaa so sorry for the broken English (especially in grammar. yep, am still taking the English Class for that gramf-ckinmar).

Laughing Text (well i don’t even know if this term exist or not. but i’ll say it like that. at least you know what i mean). recently, i talk to friends through messengers app a lot. and you know sometimes you have to add laughing typing as if you’re laughing to response their text when you mean that you’re really laughing in reality to read the text or to response them so the conversation isn’t reach out the end or even just to response, that’s it. but, if it turns out to me, then i will be super confuse to reply the laughing text le friend gives me as their response. sometimes i just let the conversation ends or i will reply them with laughing text to, so they can feel what i feel. :p

well, i know that you guys all know what “hahaha” and “lol” means. they’re the same, laughing texts. how you express your laughing in text. making sound like “hahahaha”. and “lol” stands for laughing out loud.

nah! nowadays, i’ve got to text my foreign friends from some countries (ehm. i know that you will be like…”damn, this weak-grammar-writer is brag on about she’s an international girl….” but ya know that i am. i won’t deny it because i am). then i have the different style of laughing text style. if i get to text with:

– Korean. i will type the laughing text like “kkkkk” or “ㅋㅋㅋ”

– Thailand. i will type the laughing text like “5555” (because 5 in Thai is pronounce “HA”)

– Indonesian. i will type it like “wkwkwkwk”

and you know what? actually the sounds of them laughing are the same. i already heard them laughing. but i feel blessed that i think it’s one of the culture that maybe we forgot or unrealized. yes, the culture is not about a traditional thingy or something that you can find on your textbooks, but in you can find it everywhere even in your chat room. so ya, feeling bless because we rich about the laughs! it’ll be different if we rich about the cries! :p

well just wanna tell you to this point. because i don’t know what to write again. you know, it’s not easy for me to write in English. so ya, don’t ask more :p


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